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We have our own fiber optic cable production line, sheet metal factory and injection workshop, We provide distribution box, optic cross connection cabinets and all kinds of integrated digital distribution frame. Our main products include Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Fiber Optic Pigtail, Fiber Optic Splitter, Fiber Optic Cable, FTTH Box, Fiber Optic Accessories, FTTH Tool, etc. If you have any special requirement, just send us the data sheet, we can provide customization service. 


   Performance characteristics

Adopted internationally renowned brand low noise pump lasers, low distortion, wide band, high output optical power.

Imported high-performance erbium-doped fiber, high energy conversion efficiency.

Optical power receiving range -5dBm ~ +10dBm, optical power output 13~26dBm.

32-bit ARM control chip, real-time monitoring of the working status and operating parameters, light control output accuracy of ± 0.1dBm.

Working mode APC/ACC optional.

Output power +0.2~-4dBm adjustable.

All control circuits and devices use high-efficiency switching chips, and the overall power consumption is ≤ 15W.

Standard SNMP network management enables remote parameter monitoring and reset.



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