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High Return Loss Simplex Duplex LC-ST Fiber Optic Patch Cord


High return loss simplex duplex LC-ST Fiber optic patch cord


LC-ST Fiber Optic Patch cords are ultra reliable components featuring low insertion loss and return loss. They come with your choice of simplex or duplex cable configuration .Extensive range of fiber patch cables are terminated with state-of-the-art connectors and available in any combination of ST, SC, LC and FC with PC, UPC or APC polish types to meet your standard or custom configurations. 

  1. Fiber mode:MM /SM

  2. Low insertion loss and hight return loss. 

  3. Excellent repeatability and changeability 

  4. Simplex and duplex available. 

  5. With ceramic fettules. 

  6. PVC&LSZH cable option. 

  7. Optical performance 100% factory test. 

  1. Long Distance Optical Communication System

  2. FTTX

  3. Telecommunication Network

  4. CATV Network

  5. Local Area Network

  6. Active device termination

  7. Data system network




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