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MPO/MTP Fiber Optical Patch Cord for Data Center

The Fiber Optic Patch Cord is a length of fiber cable with connectors fixed on two ends to realize the optical path active connection. The Pigtail is a length fiber cable with only one connector fixed on one end. If both sides of the connector or its end-face are different, we call it hybrid patch cord. According to the transmission medium, it divides to Single Mode and Multi Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cord; According to the connector structure type, it divides FC, SC, ST, MU, D4, E2000, LC etc.; According to the polished ceramic end-face, it divides to PC, UPC and APC
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  • MPO/MTP 12C


  • MPO/MTP 12C01

MPO Features and Benefits:

1.OEM patch cord 
2.Customized length 
4.High quality and fast delivery


Utilize MPO Connectors  small Form Factor,12 Fiber or 24 Fiber push/pull optical connectors.
Rapid Deployment - Application specific designs Tailor configuration and breakout construction to application requirements to minimize waste, optimize cable management, speed deployment, and improve flexibility and manageability for lower installation costs.


Factory terminated - Provides a quick-to-deploy, scalable solution to improve reliability and reduce installation time and cost. 
100% tested (test data supplied) - Assures verified optical performance for improved network integrity. 
High-density cable - Uses pathway space more efficiently to improve manageability and reduce installation costs.
Optimized Performance- Assemblies constructed with low loss MPO/MTP OECE proprietary MT polishing Provides low insertion loss and high return loss, minimizing variability for improved channel link loss performance.


Standards Compliance:


Jacketed cable is compliant with NFPA 262 Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum (OFNP) or IEC-60332 Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) flame rating.

Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and REACH SvHC. 

MPO connector complies with IEC-61754-7 & EIA/TIA-604-5.




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